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60s space age fashion

Dresscode - Purple Wig - Moonbase gals of 1970s tv series UFO with v-bangs and purple hair

Fishnet Fashion from UFO TV series by Gerry Anderson

Jean Shrimpton, Harper’s Bazaar April 1965

Pierre Cardin Space Age Fashion

Retrofuturistic Fashion by André Courrèges

Actress, dancer, choreographer & painter Tilly Losch in her space hat. Photo by Florence Vandamm, 1930

Space Age Fashion

Space Age Fashion by Lanvin, 1966

Space age fashion for Vogue Italia, November 1965. Photo by Claudio Castellani

Retrofuturistic Space Age Fashion, Pierre Cardin, 1967

Retrofuturism - Fashion

Space Age inspired fashion which included controlled shapes, circles, bright colours and plastic head piece

St. Louis Night in Space, Ben Zuckerman in Gemini Spacecraft, Adolfo Helmet, 1965

Stewardess from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Space Station Lounge, 1968

Myrna Loy, retrofuturistic clothing

Space age fashion by Louis Feraud, 1968