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Kitchen of the future, from around 1950

Kitchen of the future, from around 1950

Retrofuturist Home

Welcome to Someday - ad from 1983

Welcome to Someday - ad from 1983.

Someday, in the comfort of your home, you'll be able to shop and bank electronically, read instantly updated newswires, analyze the performance of a stock that interests you, send electronic mail across the country, then play Bridge with three strangers in LA, Chicago and Dallas.

Tomorrow's House

Device for training of fishermen

Multi-Screen Set Lets You Switch to Where the Action Is

Telephot from Ralph 124c 41 +, novel by Hugo Gernsback, 1911 - 1925

Telephot from Ralph 124c 41 +, science fiction novel by Hugo Gernsback, 1911 - 1925. Telephot combines the functions of telephone and television; a phone with a screen.

1920's look into the future and future tech by Frank R. Paul

The Future of Radio (Frontispiece), in "Radio For All", Hugo Gernsback, 1922, illustration by Frank R. Paul

The Future of Radio - depicting the omnipotence of radio: radio controlled airplanes, radio power distribution, crewless ships controlled by radio (it was noted that U.S. battleships had already been manuvered by radio), correspondence by radio (a sort of fax machine), radio clock, radio power roller skates (which come with a three-pronged headset for collecting power via radio from a nearby power-emitting railing), television and automatic radiophone, radio business controller (sends radio signals, for example, to have steamers loaded and unloaded), and radio heater. source

The Return Of The Air Master, 1930, illustration by Frank R. Paul

The Return Of The Air Master, Air Wonder Stories March 1930. Reproduced in David Kyle's A Pictorial History of Science Fiction, 1976, Hamlyn Pub., p. 67. This piece is a marvel of draftsmanship and perspective. source

Radio Set Prints Newspaper

As envisioned in the 1930s and 1960s using radio and satellite technology, respectively, the future of newspapers would involve home printing machines that spit out the day’s news automatically each morning and evening. Philco-Ford’s Newspaper Printer, featured in an episode of the CBS show ‘The 21st Century’ entitled ‘At Home, 2001′, “provides a summary of news relayed by satellite from all over the world,” says narrator Walter Cronkite. “Now to get a newspaper copy for permanent reference I just turn this button, and out it comes. When I’ve finished catching up on the news I might check the latest weather. This same screen can give me the latest reports on the stocks I might own.”

Binocular TV prototype Mechanix Illustrated, December 1964

Moonbase Room

This moonbase room has it all: Glass clam shell couch in front of a central stack entertainment center (presumably it slides up and down depending on your preferences) and a pool with access to pinball and other electronics.

Futuristic Kitchen from 1957

Rick Guidice art

Rick Guidice official website:

Future home entertainment, Syd Mead, 1971

1971 Panasonic TR-005 "Orbitel" 5" B&W Television