Rotating Wheel Space City

Rotating wheel space city by Rick Guidice. Rotating wheel creates an environment of artificial gravity. Occupants of the city would experience centripetal acceleration.

Retrofuturistic Space

Space suits as depicted in the 1949 LIFE trip to the Moon. Lunar explorers prepare to leave their landed space ship. source

Will Man Outgrow the Earth?, Eduardo Paolozzi, 1952

Illustration template for Hugo Gernsback, “1963 forecast“ Christmas 1962

Perry Rhodan

Enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide, PERRY RHODAN™ is a science fiction series originally from Germany. Since its inception in 1961 more than 3,800 novels have been published, including over 2,800 weekly serialized PERRY RHODAN booklet novellas issued continuously since 1961, making PERRY RHODAN the most ambitious future history ever written.

The original weekly German PERRY RHODAN series is published by Pabel-Moewig Verlag KG based in Rastatt, Germany (

Concept artwork for a Satellite Launching Ship, 1961